Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall in New York

Fall has finally come to New York.  It was as if almost overnight the temperatures started to descend and the cool breezes began!

One of my most favorite things to do during the Fall is to take long evening walks on Madison and 5th avenue with my husband.

We usually go a few times a week and I just love spending time with him and the feel of the city at night!

Heading down Madison we usually stop at our favorite gelato place, Ciao Bella.  We love this place!!! My husband usually has to have 4 samples before he can decide on one flavor....I on the other hand already know what I want before I go in. I usually choose between blood orange or grapefruit!

Lately on these walks my focus has been the store windows. Since I have been building my Etsy store, I have been paying close attention to this Fall's color choices in fashion.  I am noticing a lot of burnt orange and mustard yellow, as well as the typical colors of Fall, such as beige and brown and even some rust colors as well.  A lot of dark teal's and blue and red with orange are also emerging in this Fall's color palate.

I am especially looking forward to working with the colors red, yellow and orange. These are colors I usually don't create with too often.  Last week I even worked on a piece that was made with red and transparent yellow beads. I really like how bright and Fall it looks to me!

You can find this piece in my etsy store at


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day weekend was really relaxing for me and my husband.  We took a one day trip to the east end of Long Island, for a little relaxation and to visit friends. 

We stopped by Sag Harbor where I really enjoyed looking out at the boats on the water.

I even got to get a good pic of a Swan (even though I kept calling it a!).
We then drove into Southampton where my friend Kelly owns a store called Therapy.  If you are ever in Southampton please go visit her.  She sells one of a kind pieces and my daughter and I just love her!!!!!
Anyway when we got there she had a surprise for me.  I had sold one of my jewelry pieces in her store!!!!  I occasionally put pieces in her store and so far I have done pretty good.  This summer was slow, but what a welcome surprise to have made a little money while having some down time!
Below is the design which sold, they are for sale in my Etsy store at