Monday, April 29, 2013

In My Etsy Store This Week April 29th 2013: Metallic Green Tila Bead Netted Bead Woven Necklace

I have still been very busy with my creations for the Craft Fair this coming Saturday in Staten Island.  This Thursday I will post pics of some of the creations I will take to the fair!  I had time to create one necklace for this week in my store.  Since Emerald green is the Pantone color for the year, I decided to make something you could wear that would match that and would be a cool accessory.  I love the double row of Tila beads on this one!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Paper Bead Making: 5 Video's I Love!

My latest little beauties!!!

So as you probably guessed it I am totally in love with the paper beads, and I have been making tons lately!  I started thinking back to a time when I started making paper beads and the videos I watched to get started, also some videos now that inspire me.  Here are a few for you to view!

This one is from the paper bead girl.  I eventually went on to get the roller she used and love the way she shows with ease how to make paper beads.

Next we have a video by Janice Mae on how to roll paper beads.

This next video shows how to cut the paper.  I use this technique to cut my own beads

Here is a video on the paper bead glaze I use.  I glue them first with Diamond Glaze and saturate the entire bead with any excess Diamond Glaze left on my fingers to give it its first coat of glaze and to also keep it glued together, and smooth out any ridges.  After that dries I use Janice Mae's Vibrance, and immerse it 4 more times, allowing it to dry in between each 'dunk'.  This allows your beads will be glazed inside and out.   This video shows how to do it!

After I glaze my beads I found that when you hang them vertically they tend to stick to each other, so I used a modified version of this bead dryer to help me keep them drying more uniformly and not stick together.

Enjoy making your paper beads!

Friday, April 19, 2013

New In My Etsy Store This Week April 19, 2013

So, this week I didn't get a chance to make a whole lot for my Etsy store.  I have been busy making sure I have enough pretty things for the craft fair in Staten Island which I will be in attendance at the first weekend in May.  Even though my time was scare I did want to make another long bead woven lariat and had a large amount of creamy pearls and 3 cut beads to create one with.  3 cut beads are seed beads that are cut on 3 sides, because of the cuts they refract the light really well and look almost like tiny crystals. Here is the lariat I came up with.  The pics don't do it justice!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Top Ten Bead Weaving Supplies

Last week I did an article on my favorite bead weaving supplies for  Here is the link:,   These are my top 10 beading supplies that I can't do without.  Enjoy the article!

Happy Beading!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Product Review: Easy Bead Roller: Bead Rolling Machine

This is my favorite tool to date!  I love rolling paper beads, but sometimes it is hard to get them uniform.  With this little machine, that challenge just became very easy to do.  I found this item on Etsy.  It comes with 4 roller pins which have a different size stem to create different sized holes in the bead.  I love the fact that it has a Plexiglas plate which holds the beads in place, so if have to let go of the bead it does not come apart.  They also make one for lefties, and if you request a lefty machine, will send you one at no extra charge!  This machine is the invention of Barbara Del Duco and her partner Ray after she broke her wrist and wanted to roll paper beads.  The machine can be clamped down or you can hold it down with your hand.  You can also hold it in your lap and roll beads while watching tv.

You can find this item at

Below is a video on how to use it.

Happy Beading!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Writers Wanted!

As some of you know I write for an online site known as  Crave Handmade is a wonderful online publication filled with interesting articles tailored for the hand made community.  You can find articles on different types of crafts, hand crafted gift ideas, and also business tips for the craft person who is interested in creating an extra income from their handiwork.  It is always interesting for me to see each week the different articles that appear in this ezine.  Its nice to be able to sit for a couple of hours and read from people who have like minded interest.    At the present time Crave Handmade is looking for writers who have are a part of the hand crafted community and would like their voice to be heard.

If you are interested in a full time or part time writing position, follow the link below to get started!

Friday, April 12, 2013

In My Etsy Store This Week April 12 2013

This week I was working hard to create items for a Craft fair I am displaying my wares at in a couple of weeks (more on that next week).  I am still building the paper bead jewelry section of my store and here are two more lariats I created.

Lets just say that both of these were hard to list in the store, because they came out so pretty I wanted to keep them for myself!  The copper one with the bits of gold in it is so pretty, the pics do not do it justice!

The red is so bright and pretty!!!! I kept thinking about how lovely this would look against a white blouse.  The earrings have little hearts dangling on the end.  I am loving how lightweight these both are and they are both over 60 inches so you can double, and triple them, around your neck!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Book Review: Net Weave by Hortense E. Thompson

For anyone who loves the look of netted bead work this is totally a good place to start.  This book is not written in Dutch German, English and French. I found its drawings completely easy to understand.  It gives visuals as to how to start and the direction of the bead path is clear.  

For example;

  There are over 35 patterns and the thing I like most about this book, is that you can create your own patterns from the ones which are presented.  It is a good way to get your creative juices flowing.  Since this book is not published here in the states, it was hard for me to find a copy.  I did find an American company that you can purchase a copy from  

Happy Beading!!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Few Thoughts on Paper Beads

Last week I decided I wanted to add a paper bead jewelry section to my store.  Paper beads were not new to me I had been making them for almost 5 years.  Every time I got my hands on some really nice wrapping paper, a glossy magazine, or received a decorative shopping bag, I was already thinking how good that paper would look rolled into some beads.  So over the past 5 years I have made some pretty interesting beads and still once a week will make some out of my latest paper discovery.

This made me interested in their history.  I already knew about a few foundations, such as,  The beads in this organization made by the women of Uganda are hand rolled and sold to help them care for their children and their village.  There are also other organizations which do the same.  Janice Mae, who is from the Philippines, speaks on this at her website, In the Philippines men, women, and even children, make these beads to help build better futures.   One of the most popular organizations which helps women in Uganda is known as Bead For Life.  The paper beading their allows women to have hope for the future and to create a better environment for their youth.  You can read about their organization at  It is so great to know that something so simple as paper beads are helping others on a global level.

Still I remained curious as to how far back in history this goes.  Several sources gave accounts of paper beads being rolled in England during the Victorian era out of long strips of wallpaper.  They were hand rolled on knitting needles and then waxed and strung on cords to create curtains and also used as room dividers.  I also found  a link to a magazine clipping which displayed a paper bead necklace from 1917 at  It seems that paper beading may have resurrected itself later on in the 1920 and 30's here in the USA.  If anyone else has anymore information and would love to share it please take time to enter it in the comments below!!! I would love to hear from you.

I often get asked how to care for paper beads, and the answer is the same way you would care for any quality piece of jewelry.  Most paper beads are water resistant, not waterproof.  Depending on where they are made they have been shellacked or glossed several times to give them a wonderful high gloss shine and make them water resistant.   This means getting caught in an occasion rain storm, or wiping them clean with a slightly damp cloth is no problem, but you should not bathe or swim in them.  I have a lot of paper bead jewelry I made 5 years ago and it is still going strong!   They are usually great and make good conversation pieces.  When I wear mine and people ask where I purchased the beads, it is great to see how shocked they are when I tell them the beads are made from a paper bag or a magazine page!

Rolling paper beads can also be therapeutic.  When I make mine, I have to totally focus on keeping them uniform, so thinking about worries really goes out of my head.  I would suggest paper beading as a perfect hobby for someone who may want to take a break, and be stress free while doing something productive.  So the next time you see a beautiful high gloss advertisement, or bring home a nice paper bag, save it and make something you can be proud of! You can check out my paper beads creations at

Happy Beading!

Friday, April 5, 2013

In My Etsy Shop This Week 4/5/2013

This week was very busy!  I started working back with my paper beads and really was having a good time making them.  I started with a gift for myself and then decided that I wanted to add a new paper bead section to my store.  I also followed up with 2 more wire wrapped rings.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Stitching Basics

Stitching Basics

Just did a review of your video tutorial for Basic Stitches.  This is a must own for anyone interested in bead work.

Video Review: Stitching Basics: A Technique Series Video

This video tutorial is amazing!  I have mentioned before that I am a visual learner.  The best way I learn is through video.  Sometimes just reading a pattern doesn't cut it for me. This video, created by Bead and Button magazine, is a great way to get yourself to learn the basics and be on the way to creativity!

This video teaches and demonstrates the following stitches;

  • ladder stitch
  • peyote stitch
  • brick stitch
  • Ndebele herringbone stitch
  • Square stitch
  • Right angle weave
It gives you just enough information so that you can take the knowledge and create wonderful beaded pieces with it!  It is also helpful if you have not done a stitch in awhile as a refresher.

If video learning is something that you do well with, then I suggest that you check out Stitching Basics.  Also you can check out the other video's that they have in the series.  

Happy Beading!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Choosing the Right Beading Needle and Thread

Here is the link to my latest Crave Handmade article.