Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Product Review: Easy Bead Roller: Bead Rolling Machine

This is my favorite tool to date!  I love rolling paper beads, but sometimes it is hard to get them uniform.  With this little machine, that challenge just became very easy to do.  I found this item on Etsy.  It comes with 4 roller pins which have a different size stem to create different sized holes in the bead.  I love the fact that it has a Plexiglas plate which holds the beads in place, so if have to let go of the bead it does not come apart.  They also make one for lefties, and if you request a lefty machine, will send you one at no extra charge!  This machine is the invention of Barbara Del Duco and her partner Ray after she broke her wrist and wanted to roll paper beads.  The machine can be clamped down or you can hold it down with your hand.  You can also hold it in your lap and roll beads while watching tv.

You can find this item at

Below is a video on how to use it.

Happy Beading!

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