Monday, April 22, 2013

Paper Bead Making: 5 Video's I Love!

My latest little beauties!!!

So as you probably guessed it I am totally in love with the paper beads, and I have been making tons lately!  I started thinking back to a time when I started making paper beads and the videos I watched to get started, also some videos now that inspire me.  Here are a few for you to view!

This one is from the paper bead girl.  I eventually went on to get the roller she used and love the way she shows with ease how to make paper beads.

Next we have a video by Janice Mae on how to roll paper beads.

This next video shows how to cut the paper.  I use this technique to cut my own beads

Here is a video on the paper bead glaze I use.  I glue them first with Diamond Glaze and saturate the entire bead with any excess Diamond Glaze left on my fingers to give it its first coat of glaze and to also keep it glued together, and smooth out any ridges.  After that dries I use Janice Mae's Vibrance, and immerse it 4 more times, allowing it to dry in between each 'dunk'.  This allows your beads will be glazed inside and out.   This video shows how to do it!

After I glaze my beads I found that when you hang them vertically they tend to stick to each other, so I used a modified version of this bead dryer to help me keep them drying more uniformly and not stick together.

Enjoy making your paper beads!

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