Thursday, April 4, 2013

Video Review: Stitching Basics: A Technique Series Video

This video tutorial is amazing!  I have mentioned before that I am a visual learner.  The best way I learn is through video.  Sometimes just reading a pattern doesn't cut it for me. This video, created by Bead and Button magazine, is a great way to get yourself to learn the basics and be on the way to creativity!

This video teaches and demonstrates the following stitches;

  • ladder stitch
  • peyote stitch
  • brick stitch
  • Ndebele herringbone stitch
  • Square stitch
  • Right angle weave
It gives you just enough information so that you can take the knowledge and create wonderful beaded pieces with it!  It is also helpful if you have not done a stitch in awhile as a refresher.

If video learning is something that you do well with, then I suggest that you check out Stitching Basics.  Also you can check out the other video's that they have in the series.  

Happy Beading!

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