Monday, July 16, 2012

Most of my friends who know me know that I love the beach.  Even closer friends know that I am talking one beach in particular....Coopers Beach in Southampton. I think it was last year that it was rated the top beach in the country with Main Beach in East Hampton coming in 5th.  I love this beach because it is so clean and it smells like salt water.  The sand is extremely clean to walk on and the water is so blue.....I recommend this beach for a nice summer day with the family, or if your playing hookey from won't be disappointed.  In fact in the pic below that is my daughter Maya standing in front of the ocean at Coopers Beach! 

I wanted to capture some of the colors I saw in that picture so I got out all of my blue beads and found a lovely hank of beads appropriately titled ocean mix.  It will be my ode to Coopers Beach!
Lets see what I come up with!

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