Monday, September 23, 2013

Surgery :-(

I know it has been a long time since have submitted a blog post, but I spent this last summer recuperating from surgery.  As some of you may know I was diagnosed a few years ago with a lupus like disorder, and as a result of that disorder ran into some complications with my lungs.  This surgery was a result of those complications.  A benign cyst was found on my left lung and something had to be done about it so that I would have less pain.
me, 1/2 an hour before surgery....sorry, no make up! 

The combination of just trying to feel better saddled with lovely pain medications made this summer seem like a  muddled blur.  Sitting for long periods were not possible, so my bead work went on standby.  All I could do was read my beading magazines and look over at my bead table, longing to make anything!

I realize during my recovery that creating with my hands was very important to me.  After the third week I couldn't take it and began to use my knitting loom.  Yes, you read correctly, my knitting loom.  I started loom knitting with my daughter in the late spring.  We had made plans to make beautiful hats and scarfs for the fall.  Since the loom could be done while I was laying down it was the perfect craft for me until I could get back to my bead work.  I started making socks, and hats and also a few fall poncho's.  It became my new love!!!!  That doesn't mean I'm abandoning bead work, it just means I am expanding my creative horizons!
Loom knitting in bed....literally.

It also made me think about my blog here and how I can expand my topics to bring more  to you the reader.  So I guess some creative good came out of my down time!

 I am focusing now on getting back up and running!  You can still find my jewelry at  and I will be starting the craft show circuit here in NYC and New Jersey.  So come back Wednesday and I will let you know a little bit more about my schedule.

Happy Beading!!!!!

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  1. So glad to read you are back! I think whatever it is you are knitting, is just awesome!