Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Beading and Winter

It is now the middle of January already and the days are becoming gloomy and gray.  All of this gray weather has made it difficult for me to feel motivated to do anything, so instead of beading with dark colors I have decided to alleviate the gloom by working in bright colors!!!! As some of you know I LOVE netted jewelry!

Egyptian necklace displayed in the Metropolitan Museum
I first fell in love with netted jewelry at the Metropolitan Museum here in New York City.  The Egypt room there is filled with art and jewelry from ancient Egyptian times.  When I first saw the netted jewelry there it made me think of beaded lace.  Egyptians used beads, shells and metal pieces to weave there magic into fantastic statement pieces just like the one above!

So this week I used my love of netting and some bright colors to lift my spirits and made the following,
I love the way that netting feels and looks like lace in this necklace!  The colors are bright and sunny, and helped me through a very gray and rainy day. 
Here are some other netting pieces I created.



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