Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rose Gold Jewelry

Rose Gold  jewelry has become very trendy for this spring!  I love the gold tone with its hint of pink shining through!  Most rose gold jewelry is traditional yellow gold alloyed with copper, which gives it that blushing pink tone.  I have found glass seed beads, crystals and rose gold pearls as well. Swarovski has a beautiful rose gold pearl and crystal which made its premier this summer!    Below are a few things I created last week.

 I love this ring!  It is made from Swarovski rose gold pearls and rose gold tone copper wire.  I consider this my statement ring.

Rose gold topaz Hybrid seed beads were used to create this cuff bracelet.  These beads are special because of how they were made.   They are manufactured in Japan for precision and size and then they are shipped to the Czech republic where they receive their wonderful coloring! The marbling of the colors makes each look like a tiny gemstone!

 Rose gold tone copper wire caresses a Swarovski Crystal with AB finish (aurora borealis).

Rose gold pearls with silk Swarovski  crystals complete this wedding set! 

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