Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Turquoise Jewelry

I love the color Turquoise!  During the summer month's it reminds me of the ocean and going to the beach, and during the winter it keeps me happy by generating those same memories! The gentle balance between blue and green really speaks to me. When researching its meaning online I found that Turquoise symbolizes strength and protection from harm.  It can be given to a friend as a symbol of friendship and love.  Upon further research I found that in some Native American cultures it represents the earth and the sky and represents the connection to Yei (Holy People).  It is worn as a way of honoring and recognizing them.

  Last week I pulled out my turquoise beading stash and started creating some pieces for my Etsy store.  I even made some paper beads as well!  Here is what I came up with;

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