Thursday, January 30, 2014

A New Paper Bead Tool! The Pro Paper Bead Roller

It has been a long time since I posted but I have been very busy!  The holidays seemed to be a whirlwind!  I was busy most of the time trying to keep my head above water as I completed all of the craft fairs I was scheduled to attend.

As I got toward the last one I decided I needed a long break!  So I then just enjoyed the holiday time with the family!  After Christmas though I got back into it because I decided I wanted to make additional items for my Etsy store.  So at the present time I have 104 items in total!  It feels more like a real store to me because there is so much variety!  Please check it out at,  I also added new sections, which includes seasonal items and tutorials as well as an anklet selection.  As always I will be creating things with a variety of prices.  The good thing is I'm always learning and trying things.  During December I even posted an easy tutorial for a beaded ornament!  It did well so I will be featuring  it again come September for the next holiday season.

After Christmas I collected a lot of left over wrapping paper from family and friends to create more paper beads with!  I made these beads with my new paper bead roller.  I guess it is true what they say, "one man's trash is another man's treasure."

Some would view this as a bag of me I just smile and know what pretty beads I can get from it!!!!

During the holidays I also purchased a new paper bead rolling tool.  It was one of the best gifts I ever gave my self!  I love the way it makes paper bead making easier!

This tool was purchased from  One of the things I love about it is that you can eject the beads off clean and easy from the tool.  My beads seem to be more uniform and have been quicker and easier to make!  See the video below on how to use it,

Like everything I needed a little practice, but once I got the hang of the new tool, I wondered how I ever used anything else!  This particular roller is in 2 sizes.  The 1/16 roller and the 1/8 roller which makes beads with bigger holes.  I will be purchasing the other very soon.  

So far I have been making a lot of beads with the wrapping paper I received.  I even did an angel earring order for a friend which I will also be placing in my Etsy store.  
beads made from that big bag of "trash" on the new roller!  So uniform! 

Used the new roller to make this cone shaped "dress" for my angel earring! 

You can visit the paper bead jewelry section of my Etsy store to see what else I am up to with my paper beads at,

Happy Beading!!!!!!


  1. I just found you! I purchased both rollers from Paper Bead girl a while ago and am totally in love with them. I started "rolling" in Oct. and was using a bamboo skewer but it was killing the tendons in my elbows. The new rollers saved me!
    I have been making glass beads for 16 yrs and the paper is giving me the same joy and excitement that I got with glass when I first started.
    I tried Christmas wrap and only made a few because the paper was either too thin and frustrating or too thick and frustrating.
    I love catalogs, magazines, calendars, maps and coloring my own plain white paper with permanent Sharpies.
    I'm a blog reader so I'll be checking in frequently.
    Keep on rollin'!

  2. Sorry I did not write you sooner! The winter in New York has been a beast and we have had a hard time staying well! I am so glad you love the tool! It really does makes things a lot easier on the wrist. I will be starting back up my blog this month and may even do a tutorial on how to make my paper beads. At the present time I use left over scrapbook paper. I especially like shopping and gift bags with the shiny finishes, they roll so well!!!! Please check out my other blog entry on paper beading at
    Happy Rolling!!!!!