Friday, March 7, 2014

St Patrick's Day Jewelry....Erin Go Bragh!

March is one of my favorite month's for a few reasons.  The first one being that Spring is on its way!  After sloshing around in the snow and rain we will soon have warm weather, and after the harsh winter we just had we are so totally looking forward to it!!!  The other reason is St. Patrick's Day!!!!!  Some of you may not know this but I am part Irish and love St. Patty's Day!!!!!!!  My brother was born on St Patty's Day, so that makes it a double day of celebration.

When my brother and I were younger we would visit my grandmother often and she would take us out into an open field near her house where she would tell us to find and bring her four leaf clovers.  We would look very hard and sometimes would find one or two which we would bring to her.  She explained what each clover mean.  One leaf represented hope, the other faith, the third love and the fourth luck!  We were so excited when would find them and  didn't mind searching for hours for them.  The bracelet below was made in her honor.

The other thing I love about St. Patty's Day is wearing Green!  Since I make jewelry this is never a problem.  Here are a few other pieces in my Etsy store which help to capture the spirit of the season.

Happy Beading!

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