Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pantone Color Fashion Report for Spring 2013

Following the color trends is easy when you know what colors designers are using to create their clothes for a season.  To do this one only has to look at the Pantone Color Report and they will know what direction to follow when creating accessories. The Pantone report was created to represent the prominent colors designers are using on the catwalks around the world, and which direction color trends are heading.

I usually follow the Pantone report to get a sense of what colors I want to focus more on for each season.  Pantone has already reported that Emerald Green will be the color of the year.  Last years color was Tangerine Tango.  Green is not a color that I work with often so I will be challenging myself to work with that color.

Here is a chart of the Spring 2013 colors;
As you can see the colors are very light and bright!  These colors are easy to combine as well, and we still have some hints of orange, just not as bright as last years tangerine.

Below is a very informative video by Lee Eiseman, Pantone's executive director, where she talks about the Spring 2013 color trends

Happy Beading!!!!