Monday, March 25, 2013

The Whole Bead Show Came To New York!!!

This past weekend is one I looked forward to all year.  The Whole Bead Show visits New York City! Those of you in other states seem to always get these wonderful bead shows, but for us bead lovers in New York they only come twice a year.

I was unable to attend the one in October, so it was important for me not to miss this one!  I grabbed my gal pal, and fellow bead lover Lori, and we were on our way!

Notice the overly happy grin on my face!!!!

Every year the Whole Bead Show is held in lower Manhattan at the Metropolitan Pavilion on west 18th street.  The Pavilion is a huge facility and the bead show can be overwhelming because of the size of this place. I usually show up on opening day early so that I can receive my wholesale tag and get my shop on, before the heavy crowds begin to fill the place. My tag allows me access to the show for the full weekend!

When the doors are finally opened what greets you is rows and rows of beads!!!  At this point I have to remind myself to breathe!

This year I had a special treat.  I was able to meet Maureen Oliveto, the inventor of the Easy Knotter! Last week I did a product review on the Easy Knotter (, so this was a real treat to meet her!

Maureen or Reenie, as everyone calls her, not only had her product available for purchase, but was giving tutorials of how to use it!  It was so great to meet her, and have her show me personally how to use the product! You can purchase the Easy Knotter at her website on    Maureen also has a new product called the Bracelet Valet.  I will give a product review on that this Wednesday!  

My friend Lori and I really had a good time meeting other vendors as well! We also put a small hurting on our wallets, but it was well worth the discounted purchases we received.
a small sample of what we purchased!

  If the Whole Bead Show ever comes to your town I highly recommend you attending.

Happy Beading!!!!!

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