Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Product Review: 1 Step Lopper by Beadsmith

As most of you know I am a big fan of tools!!!!  I especially love tools which make beading easy, and give me more time for creativity.  I heard about this tool a few weeks ago and was very anxious to try it out to see if it really worked.  I am not a fan of wire work, but I love making things with wire (go figure!).  Loops on earrings and connectors is something I have always had a problem with.  Just getting them to be uniform and 1 size is always a problem.  to remedy this Bead Smith has created a tool called the 1 step looper.  In 1 swift motion you can cut and create the perfect loop.

After watching the video, I was anxious to give it a try, but it was extremely expensive...$50 and upwards in some online stores.  So I went down to the bead district where my husband gifted it to me for around $28 dollars.  To date it is still one of my most expensive tool, so I expect to get some use out of it!!!

I expected it to be much bigger, because the ads make it look huge and heavy!!! But as you can see from me holding it, it is about the size of a normal handheld tool.  It is the same size as my needle nose pliers.  According to my husband I have child size hands, so you can see from the pic below its not as large as the ads portray it to be, which is great!

This tool can....

Trim and Loop in One Step

• Create & trim eye pins in one motion!
• Works with dead-soft or half-hard precious metal wire; craft wire; and copper or brass core wire
• Consistent size loops every time
• Bends & trims wire between 26-18 gauge
• Customize the length of eye pins

I began using it right away and I have mixed reviews on it.

  • The loops come out perfect every time.  
  • It is very easy to use and the tool is light weight
  • After it is sized, it cuts the loop perfectly
  • used it with 20 gauge wire , which is pretty thick and it worked with no problem.
  • loops have to be pinched closed after you make them.  
  • I know I am still working and learning the tool, but the loops did not come close to the bead like I want them to, and there was a little space ( see pic below).  This can probably be adjusted in its use after I play with it for awhile
  • As with anything, there is a learning curve.
Overall, I would suggest this to be a good buy for all of you serious beaders.  It will save time, especially if your project involves a lot of loop making.  

Below are 2 videos which will give you more insight as to how to use it.  Please feel free to SEND ME YOUR FEED BACK and let me know how it is working for you as well.  I would like to hear from you out there!

Happy Beading!!!!

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  1. I am a wire worker and am looking into all the One Step Looping Pliers and am thus checking out reviews. You have had the pliers for a year now. Have you found any remedies for the loop being too far from your beads, and have you figured out how to make the loops close; without having to remove it from the pliers and then using, say chain nose pliers to close them? I really appreciate your review!