Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Product Review: Easy Knotter

One summer I got really into knotted jewelry.  I loved the look it gave and it worked well with my paper beads, but it was time consuming to do the knots.  It was hard measuring between beads to make sure that it was accurately spaced and I hated it when the knot was not tight enough next to the bead.  I found the Easy Knotter to be a wonderful tool which made making knotted necklaces faster to make, and ensured tight, and evenly spaced knots each time!

What I love about this tool is that is left hand friendly. I'm a southpaw, and this tool has a left hand side and a right hand side.

When you lift the knob in the middle, there is a small pole which you can place your knots on.
You use this and the surrounding measurements to evenly space your beads.

Below is a video by done by Easy Knotter's inventor, Maureen Oliveto.  It is as easy as it looks and necklaces work up faster with this tool!
Happy Beading!!!


  1. Seems fairly simple...I just may invest in this one...wonder if I can use it for illusion necklaces?

  2. Caron as long as you can tie the cord you can use it.

  3. Great idea and looks like it's very easy to use too.