Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Product Review: The Bracelet Valet

As I mentioned in Monday's blog, I had the pleasure to meet Maureen Oliveto at the Whole Bead show this past weekend.  Maureen is the creator of the Easy Knotter, and now she has a new invention called the Bracelet Valet.
I always find it difficult getting my bracelets on alone. I am always looking for my husband or children to help.  With the bracelet valet, you can put it on without the help of someone else.  Maureen showed me how to do this with a bracelet with jump rings.  Her steps were to; 
1. Place jump ring from the bracelet on the post
2. Put your wrist inside loop of bracelet, open the clasp, and attach it to the jump ring
3. Lift off the post

I usually have trouble putting on toggle clasp, so I put the Bracelet Valet to the test to see if it would make putting on a toggle clasp alone totally worked!

Here are the pics!
Place open toggle part on Bracelet Valet hook.
Place wrist in bracelet
insert stem into toggle hole
Pull through toggle
Slide off hook, and that bracelet is on!!!

You can purchase  the bracelet valet at the Designs by Reenie Etsy store--

Happy Beading!!!!


  1. That's really cool! I thought I 'm the only one who had this challenge. Thanks for this Feith!