Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New In My Etsy Store February 6, 2013

This week I added 2 new items to my Etsy store. 

I had been thinking about peyote stitch and wanted to do something that had a pattern.  I love it when you see peyote bracelets and they have pictures or just different geometric shapes.  I aspire to make something like this one day when my brain can calm down and I learn how to follow the patterns or have patience to create some of my own.  I realize I am a visual learner.  I have read patterns before on this but don't seem to grasp the concept of how to do it, so if anyone knows of any video tutorials, please let me know!!!!

In the meantime I figured out how to create a block pattern and this is what I came up with.

I loved making this bracelet!  The challenge for myself was to make the clasp out of the same peyote stitch.  I have done this with other pieces, but keeping it with the pattern was new for me.  I love the way it came out!
As most of you know I love Tila beads, and I also love netting!  I have combined the two before but this time I was thinking more on creating a wedding necklace.  I think because it is February my thoughts have turned to love, and decided to create a new wedding section for my Etsy store.  This will be the first piece to start the collection.

Enjoy your day!

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