Monday, February 11, 2013

The Whole Bead Show

Twice a year I get so excited I am beside myself!!!!  The time has arrived again for the Whole Bead Show to come to New York City!  Every October and every March beaders from all over New York head to the Manhattan Pavilion where this 3 day bead extravaganza is held. This year it will be held March 22-24th.

I usually go 2 out of 3 days and get there super early to avoid the crowds. I got there late one year and had to fight to get to the front of each booth!

What I love about the Whole Bead Show is that there is such a variety of everything!  From beads to crystals, to silver and metal. Last year there was a vendor who even had actual leaves dipped in gold!  In addition to all of the beads, there are workshops and classes given on different beading techniques.

The Whole Bead show was started by Ava Motherwell.  She had a deep love for beads and knew that there were others out there like herself, so she started to give trunk shows in hotel suites, and different shops around the country.  The first show was held in Washington DC and had roughly 8 vendors. Her focus was to sell only beads, and it became a frustration to her because a most often than not she would be the only one selling beads.

After meeting a representative of Colored Stone magazine, she was encouraged to have a bead show and they agreed to  list it in there show guide.  She called on friends and colleagues and booked a 3 day show in Tuscon, Arizona. With success on that first show she did one the following year in Monterey, California and now there are shows all over the United States!!!!

If you would like to know when a show comes to your area please go to  You won't be disappointed!

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