Thursday, February 14, 2013

Product Review: Beadalon's Spiral Maker

I am a big supporter of beading tools!!!! If there is something out there that can make my work better and easier, I will purchase it without hesitation!

Two years ago I took a wire working workshop.  It was more interesting than fun, is the best thing I can say about it.  The instructor insisted in doing everything by hand, including large spirals which we had to make as connectors.  Well, mine came out anything but lovely.  They were uneven, squarish circles, that dented all the way around.  I was saddened that the piece I created looked like a kindergartner did it!!! Then again the kindergartner probably could have done a better job!

The instructor gave us homework to go home and redo the piece and bring it back the next month to show to the class.  A wave of panic hit me!  I knew I could not get those spirals right and it would still look bad.
I had to find something that could help me.  I refused to believe there wasn't something out there that could help me make the perfect spiral!

That night while I was purchasing a few bead supplies in I decided to look into the tools section and here is what I found:

This beautiful tool helps you to make the most perfect spirals!!!! Not only was I able to recreate the piece with no problem I was able to make a pair of matching earrings as well.  I would show you but someone bought the whole set....yay!!!!!

Not only did I buy it, but Karla Schafer, aunties bead designer, had the most fabulous video tutorial on how to use it! With her video I was well on my way. You can watch her video below.


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